Some Remarks on Ghosts EP

by Ideofone



released 04 April 2012

Produced by Ideofone
Engineered by Ian McCarley and Ezekiel Lords
Mixed and Mastered by Ian McCarley

Guitars, Bass, and Composition - Ezekiel Lords
Percussion - Ian McCarley
Vocals - Reid Rohr
Guest Vocals - April Whale, JW



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Ideofone Seattle, Washington

Ideofone is a four piece rock band out of Seattle, Washington. Drawing influences from a wide spectrum of artists, they have developed a sound that is truly unique to themselves.

They are currently hard at work in the studio recording their upcoming album, the rock opera Some Remarks on Ghosts, a project that's already three years in the making.
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Track Name: The Pretense of Truth
i feel your warm embrace around me, darling
i'll be coming home
in the meantime be well
i won't stand for this, my angel

look at what you have done now
you've crossed the line
you should have never come here
i'll write this letter while i have words
i've begun to fear the worst
will i die a hero
just through the doorway the hellions lie
i bide my time well
not much longer now and i'll take back what's mine
i'll run after you into the next life
pray for the angels that aid - they seem so full of fear
god take your bow/ only you could have willed this
you should be itching to join them
revenge in your heart
but take heed in my words, boy
this house is a coffin
the dead are best mourned for - so mourn for the dead

you can turn but you'll only find all the same things that led you to us
we've all been waiting a long time for you

blood will be shed, i promise
there's nothing left to lose
now we wait until the nightfall
only comfort is the memory of her
there'll be gnashing of the teeth and there'll be wailing heard for miles around
your arrogance will end you
this terror exceeds the minds of men
these thieves leave men with not but their bones
i swear i'll bring her back
it's the irritating silence - what you do when the darkness beckons you in
thy rancor hath no boundary
we will see what hell awaits us

feel my wrath
give me my fucking life back
you have the power to end this
the authority above all else
the time for salvation is at an end
a thousand fucking prayers unanswered
now my will be done, as i command you all - arise
Track Name: A Pleasing Terror
let us be merciless
strike back at those who've struck
you know that i give and i take away
force-fed us fear and lies
it's so hard to stop a man with romance on his mind
cupid push that arrow through
by now these souls hardly resist

don't you ever feel as though you've missed something - as if it's been erased
straight from the mouth of a mongrel
look at your savior
creatures do terrible things when they're on the way down
tell me - what wonderful gifts have you ever received?

first the sun must bow before the rain
then the floods flush all the life away
blot the sun blood red (blot the stars/ this is the end/ terror will reign)

no more will you have to wander
frail and wide-eyed
left defenseless
even he knew that this day would come

peril lies straight ahead
let's keep our wits about us, men
inside - that is no gift
you make your own path
cowards - come down from that clubhouse in the sky
jesus christ - you know it's really time for you to die

and the lord god said unto them: never start thy sentences with a conjunction/ to doubt mankind and his teachings is human nature/ to doubt the existence of the lord thy god and his son (jesus christ - even though you are left with no physical evidence whatsoever) is a sin punishable by death - and warrants an eternity in the fiery pits of hell
i'll just hold my breath in waiting
i'm drowning in this blood that's meant to save me
the only secrets that you have are never secrets at all
the great eye is upon us
to guard us - protect us from making decisions
and everything else (is a sin)
you leave without a trace
the only secrets i've had were never secrets at all
won't the son come down and claim his throne

sleep and dreams come our way
death can wait
the sky emits a sound but no one hears it

we have lost so many friends
traveled down an endless road
hardening my heart
still no audience

reaching out toward the space
holding on to a place where allegory's seen its best laid plans
i don't know where else to cut from
it seems that all the effervescent magnetism carved the path to cellar doors
watch us emulate
the bad man with the ire ain't comin' around here no more and you can hear them peeling the paint back
who's got the crowd now
who dons his majesty's blood

i wander - no - i walk around lines

so it's once more into the fray
as we make haste without command
you know the more you push the more i feel the slipping of your hand
never really lost a handle on intentions
for which we've claimed on your behalf
you're coming up short on excuses
so will you finally stay down

they don't ever stop to question why
they don't even stop to wonder why

it's indigo - new color of love
spilt from the same mouths
mites regressing
oh lavender - torn in her rage
wrath fell before we could all repent
papal green - lest ye seek pain
blessed are they who are fearful
thou shalt not lift up thine eyes to conceitedness
someone please
someone have mercy on me
grant me the patience to starve
give me the sun
show me the son
oh amethyst - come to our aid when they bring the bombs to the fist fights
that was how they brought down the walls in fiction
wake the fuck up
it's the same old straw and mud dance
either way the pendulum swings you can keep your mythical gods - misguided overstatements
dine on the bullshit you're saying - just say the word
that was how they brought down the walls in fiction
you could have at least looked me in the eyes
you have embarrassed us all - as we have embarrassed ourselves
show your yourself or let us live
nothing has ended here
nothing will end well